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Landscaping Tips: What Mulch to Use for Trees


One question that comes up this time of year a lot is what is the proper mulch to use for trees. It’s easy to grasp the basic premise of mulch, but when people go to their local nursery they see many different kinds. How do you know which one to use? The short answer: wood chips. The very best mulch to use for trees is something that is going to decompose gradually. Mulch made from wood chips fits the bill perfectly, since it rots slowly, and as […]

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How to Grow Flowering Dogwood Trees from Seed


Flowering Dogwood trees can be easily grown from seed, however 99.9999% of the seedlings that sprout will be Cornus Florida, which is White Flowering Dogwood. It doesn’t matter if you collect the seeds from a White Dogwood or a Pink Dogwood, the seedlings are likely to be white. The only predictable way to grow a Pink Dogwood, Red Dogwood, or one of the beautiful Dogwoods with variegated leaves, is to bud or graft the desired variety onto a White Dogwood seedling. Dogwood trees begin producing seeds right […]

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Gardening With Spring Trees And Shrubs


Spring is the time when gardening becomes once more of interest to everyone who has any interest in gardening and any size of plot, from a window box to stately acres. In most gardens structure is formed using hard landscaping, trees and shrubs, but they are much more than just shapes. Trees make a functional and beautiful contribution to many gardens. It is vital to take time in selecting the right size and shape of spring tree and to think through what exactly you want from it. […]

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Finding Drought Resistant Trees


If you live in an area that is slightly parched of water, you know better than anyone that one of the things that decides whether a tree survives or not is your ability to supply it with sufficient water. Unfortunately, many people don’t take this in to account when buying a tree. They will just go for the nicest looking tree, and then wish they could give it more water. If you do a little planning before you rush out and buy a tree, you should be […]

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The Rainforest – A Celebrity Cause?


We as humans are very cynical people. We look at people doing something for the good of the planet, or of other people, and we question their motives. When it is someone in everyday life, we wonder what is in it for them. When it is a celebrity, we assume that they are doing it for the profile, for the good publicity and the points that they can score. This is a heartbreakingly cynical way to behave. There is no doubt that a lot of people in […]

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The Perils Of Short-Term Thinking

One of the major reasons that deforestation happens is because it is very easy for companies to do it. As there is little financial cost involved in chopping down trees compared to other ways of sourcing raw materials, it continues to happen. But what is rarely confronted is the fact that if the rainforests were left standing, they would be of more financial value to the world – if they are left as they are, it is possible to harvest what they provide. If they are cut […]

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Facts About Deforestation – And How It Is Affecting Us

It is a little known fact that while once rainforests made up about 14% of the earth’s surface, the figure today is less than 6%. That means that over time, for mostly commercial reasons, we have lost more than half of the rainforests in the world – and if things continue at their present rate, we could lose the remainder in the first half of this century. When you consider that trees are an invaluable source of oxygen for humans, nutrition for soil and a habitat for […]

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Consumer Pressure To Save Our Forests

It is often tempting to refrain from highlighting environmental issues in a world where people are continually cynical about the value of environmental activism. When you stand to be mocked by people for caring about something, it can be very difficult to keep the battle going. This is why it is important that those with the courage of their convictions are ready to speak up on behalf of everyone who cares – especially when the opposing forces are often very powerful and have things all their own […]

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It’s Not Just The Trees

Deforestation causes problems that are not solely concerned with the trees that grow in a forest. In a forest, there is all manner of life that lives and grows. It is often ignored that within a forest, there are trees, animals and plants that all contribute to the ecosystem of the area. Destroying a forest is not just damaging because of the trees that are lost. Often, there are consequences that go far beyond what is assumed by the majority of people. This is seldom mentioned in […]

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Forest Fires – A Continuing Danger

It seems as though not a summer goes by without there being a major forest fire somewhere in the world. It is perhaps hardly surprising – one of the fastest burning fuels in the world is wood, and in a forest there is a ready supply of kindling for these environmental disasters. Is enough being done to stop this happening? The causes of forest fires are somewhat varied. It is not uncommon for them to happen by accident – a camp fire lit in the forest is […]

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