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Planting Trees Can Cut Your Energy Costs


Your trees are an important part of your yard. They not only provide shade and comfort to your family and add value to your house, they provide an important cost-savings opportunity. “You can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling bills by planting trees and caring for them,” says Bayer Advanced; Garden Expert Lance Walheim, a best-selling author and regular contributor to Sunset magazine. Try this test: Take a walk through the woods on a hot day. Notice how much cooler it is? Leaves block sunlight. Take the […]

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Planting Fruit Trees For Your Garden


Fruit trees bear at different times of the year. For example, there are apples for early season, midseason, and late season (well into fall), so it is wise to select trees for the season you want. Just how long it will be before trees will bear is another consideration; apples and pears bear in 4 to 6 years; plums, cherries, and peaches bear in about 4 years. Besides considering bearing season and length of bearing, you should also think of size. In addition to standard-sized fruit trees […]

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Flowering Cherry Trees


In the neighborhood I grew up in, cherry blossoms meant spring. There was a woman who had been living there forever – Mrs. Clark was her name – and she loved flowering cherry trees. She loved every species, but there was some kind of Japanese flowering cherry tree that she preferred above all others. She would constantly extol its virtues around the neighborhood to anyone who would listen. Because she had lived so long, she had managed to convince the city to put up flowering cherry trees […]

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The Process Of Buying Artificial Trees Online


Using artificial trees is very easy, but buying them is easy too. Today they can be bought online, as most stores selling them having sites. You can place orders on these sites, and there will be photographs to choose from. By looking at these photographs, you will be able to decide what you do need without hopping from store to store. You can just access different sites and take your pick. Artificial trees will be listed according to the variety, and there will be descriptions for the […]

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Shaping Trees for Different Situations

Through the use of pruning techniques, it is possible to shape your tree to a certain style. There are seven main tree shapes that all have their own benefits for certain situations. During the growth of the tree, simply cut off the unneeded branches, tie the wanted branches into the proper shape, and you will be able to shape it however you want. However, for some of the more advanced shapes, equally advanced pruning techniques are required. There are many books written on this subject. Usually, if […]

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The Financial Truth About Deforestation

Anyone raising concerns about deforestation is likely to find that people will try and shout them down with claims about “standing in the way of progress” and “not living in the real world” financially. But it is a little known fact that by keeping a thriving rainforest rather than taking what you can get from it and leaving it a wreck, you can make more money. This is something that needs to be said loud when arguing with an enviro-skeptic. It needs to be said loud, and […]

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How Good Business Can Help The Rainforest

Business is often blamed for the mess that sometimes assaults the environment. Short-term thinking for a quick profit is often behind deforestation, as companies use the resources available at low prices to give them an easy boost. However, if business is done with the environment in mind, it can often be better for the planet and for the company involved. This much is being seen in the current popularity of rainforest products in pharmacies, supermarkets and online, and it is likely to continue. Among the more popular […]

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The Government Role In Deforestation

The green movement in politics has had mixed success. In certain European countries such as Germany, it has often been strong enough to take seats in Parliament, and has been a partner in coalition governments. In France it has been a frequent presence in the legislature, and it recently took its first seat in the British Parliament too. In most countries it is a minority presence, and in the US Presidential Election of 2000 it was blamed by many for taking key votes from Democrat candidate Al […]

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