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Pruning Your Trees


If you have just entered the tree growing world, you have no doubt heard the term “pruning” tossed around by the more veteran growers. Well, I have something to admit. For several years, I did not even know what pruning was. I heard the term a lot, but I never felt comfortable asking someone what exactly it was. Even though it would have benefited my gardening and tree growing, I was too prideful to ask. I’ve found that pride is the reason for the failure of many […]

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Protecting Trees with Bird Netting


If you have a problem with birds, you have probably tried many solutions. Some of the most popular include plastic animals, scarecrows, wind chimes, or highly reflective tape. All of these things can do a great job of reducing bird problems. I have quite a few cherry trees in my backyard, and I used to struggle a lot with birds. After I applied all of these solutions, my problem went almost completely away. Unfortunately, the solution only lasted a few months. Apparently, birds have a natural tendency […]

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Preventing Diseases in Fruit Trees


If you maintain any pitted fruit trees such as plums, peaches, or cherries, I’m sure you know that those types of trees are much more susceptible to diseases than any other type. While the fruits are delicious, it can be rather hard to live with all of the maladies that can plague the life of everyone who has ever grown one of those types of fruit trees. The main disease that you will hear about the most is known as “Brown Rot”. This is a fungus that […]

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Growing Trees


When I was a kid, I always used to like to watch growing trees. My uncle had a growing apple tree in his yard, and I would love to climb up in it and look around. Although it was not very high, I was not very old, and it was the highest spot that I could get to you. Normally, I couldn’t see the progress that growing tree made. Only one time a year did I realize that it was bigger. When the first spring bloom came, […]

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Growing Trees for Shade


If you are currently trying to plant trees in order to shade your garden, you will probably want something that grows very fast and provides plenty of shade. With the many types of trees available, you will have no problem finding a variety that will grow extremely fast and provide all the shade that your garden needs to survive. There are also many things you can do to speed up the growth of trees. Generally trees are separated into two categories: long lived and short lived. If […]

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Artificial Trees Advantages

Choosing an artificial tree gives you a lot of advantages when compared with real trees: First of all, an artificial tree is a lot easier to maintain. It doesn’t need any water, fertilizer or sunlight – all it need is to be cleaned once in a while. An artificial tree does not need to be cut down as it will always stay the same size. We all know how normal trees can overgrow your home and create undesired shadows. Something like that will not happen with an […]

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The Secret To Pruning Apple Trees

The overall theory of pruning apple trees is to first train the young apple tree to grow efficiently, and then to promote the best production of good quality fruit as the tree matures. By training a young apple tree to grow “correctly” you enable the tree to develop a strong structure that will be able to support heavy apple growth, plus you will have a tree shape that is easy to manage in later years. A well-applied regimen of training and pruning apple trees stimulates strong growth […]

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The Practicality of Artificial Trees

Artificial trees are perfect for homes, restaurants, hotels, and offices because they need little to or no maintenance to keep them looking alive and beautiful. It is popular to add a natural touch to your space with an artificial tree or two. They look just like real, live trees and all you have to do is pick out the one you like and have it shipped, or take it home yourself. Once you get it all set up you can sit back and enjoy with no watering, […]

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Why Is Deforestation Allowed?

The practice of deforestation is obviously a contentious one, with no small number of people furious that it is allowed to happen. Yet, it is allowed to happen nonetheless and this happens despite the controversy and the anger that it provokes. The big question is “why?”. And the answer is not that difficult to find. It is hard to stop deforestation because many of the world’s rainforests are in equatorial regions with little financial muscle. Therefore when a major global company with an interest in developing the […]

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What Do We Lose With Deforestation?


We know, if we have been paying attention, that our planet has a wealth of natural resources that can be beneficial in many ways. What is less well-known is the extent to which this is the case. For example, the rainforest gives us 25% of the pharmaceutical products sold in the West. This sounds like a lot. It is a lot. But what is less well-known is that this 25% of our pharmaceutical products has come from rainforest resources that have barely been tested up until now. […]

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