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Consumer Pressure To Save Our Forests

It is often tempting to refrain from highlighting environmental issues in a world where people are continually cynical about the value of environmental activism. When you stand to be mocked by people for caring about something, it can be very difficult to keep the battle going. This is why it is important that those with the courage of their convictions are ready to speak up on behalf of everyone who cares – especially when the opposing forces are often very powerful and have things all their own […]

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It’s Not Just The Trees

Deforestation causes problems that are not solely concerned with the trees that grow in a forest. In a forest, there is all manner of life that lives and grows. It is often ignored that within a forest, there are trees, animals and plants that all contribute to the ecosystem of the area. Destroying a forest is not just damaging because of the trees that are lost. Often, there are consequences that go far beyond what is assumed by the majority of people. This is seldom mentioned in […]

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Forest Fires – A Continuing Danger

It seems as though not a summer goes by without there being a major forest fire somewhere in the world. It is perhaps hardly surprising – one of the fastest burning fuels in the world is wood, and in a forest there is a ready supply of kindling for these environmental disasters. Is enough being done to stop this happening? The causes of forest fires are somewhat varied. It is not uncommon for them to happen by accident – a camp fire lit in the forest is […]

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